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25 for Watch

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The Pomodoro Technique is an effective time management method that involves dividing work into intervals of 25 minutes, with 5-minute breaks in between. After four work intervals, you can take a 25-minute-long break. This App is an excellent tool for Apple Watch to support your productivity and focus. With the convenience of having the App on your wrist, you can easily track your work sessions and breaks without having to constantly check your phone. Get started today and boost your productivity with the 25 for Watch!

Turn the Digital Crown to set the timer to 25 minutes

The Pomodoro timer originally referred to a tomato-shaped timer that required manual winding to set the time. I wanted to replicate this on the Apple Watch, so I included this feature. Note that you only need to turn the Digital Crown once at the beginning, and you can start the timer with a single button tap thereafter.

Get notified of the timer’s completion with sound and vibration

Screen when the timer ends.

When the timer runs out, it emits sound and vibration, and you need to press a button to stop it. This allows you to be aware of the transition between work and break sessions.

Take a longer break after four 25-minute work sessions with 5-minute breaks

This feature is based on the original Pomodoro Technique. I’ve included a counter in the upper left corner to keep track of the number of sessions.

The counter on the top left indicates that it is the first session.

Compatible with complications

I support complications on the watch face so you can check the remaining time even when the app is not open.

Check Pomodoro records on iPhone

Record of Pomodoro sessions for the past year.

You can check the record of Pomodoro counts for the past year on your iPhone. By recording the Pomodoro counts daily, you can know how much you can concentrate in a day. You can find out your good and bad days and think about efforts to improve your concentration. For example, it is important to take moderate breaks when your concentration breaks. Also, listening to music and organizing your surroundings can be effective in improving concentration. By engaging in such efforts, you can increase your Pomodoro counts and make every day productive.

Backing up Pomodoro Records with iCloud

Even if you change your iPhone model, your data will be transferred.


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